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Today I noticed: an almost ridiculously bright rainbow. It burst out of a cloud and spilled onto the ground like paint. All traffic slowed and i wondered how many of us were selfishly wishing for a good omen, and how many were simply appreciating its beauty.
Today I noticed: how much more likely I am to fall when I’m not paying attention to the ground beneath me. It seems spiritually accurate as well. Worldly clamors only distract those uncommitted to their direction of travel. And in distraction, I’m never sure-footed.


Today I noticed: silence in the streets as President Obama gave his inaugural speech. I noticed everywhere I went, for the rest of the day, people of all colors smiling to themselves. Some cried openly at the mention of this day. The image of an unclenching fist meeting an open hand will not be shaken from my memory.

Today I noticed: a new sense of hope, and personal responsibility. On Twitter, I noticed a few who continued complaining, griping and angrily doubting this hope. There was no retaliation, only patience. Their pessimism is also a sickness and some will not be cured.

As I left for school I drove over what looked like an entire deck of cards, scattered and torn in the street. A radio announcer observed former president Bush had boarded his last official flight. It was the perfect symbolism. “Game over.”

Today I noticed: a woman with a bright purple hat so large it covered her face. A tall man with long hair and a shaggy brown beard walking an equally large, brown, shaggy dog. He seemed shy when I smiled at him.
Today I noticed: that when I eat chocolate frosting straight from the can when I’m upset, I’m going to feel sick later and my teeth will likely hurt.

Today I noticed: how easily I forget to notice things. Someone hit my car with an egg. I didn’t want to wash it off because it was inconvenient. I washed it anyway.

I noticed how embarassed my friend became when we sang her Happy Birthday because, as she confided in me, she should be “further along in life.” I noticed I often feel the same way and never tell anyone.

I noticed how excited people are for the Inauguration, and how “excited” doesn’t even begin to describe the hope that is alive everywhere for this historic event.

Today I noticed how quiet everyone became when one troubled young man suddenly attacked another sitting near him. There was no warning. He simply lunged like a wild animal, pinning the man to the ground before beginning to beating him. I noticed how quickly the young man’s friends responded and how strong they had to be to pull him away.
I noticed how the victim clawed to get away. I noticed the fear in his eyes as he yelled, “What the hell is wrong with you?,” looking at us to answer. I noticed how white his chest was against his black shirt that now hung open, exposing him, and noticed that, as he started to button up his shirt, none of the buttons were missing.
When the attacker walked back in the room a few minutes later, followed closely by his friend, I noticed his t-shirt had been ripped at the seam from neck to shoulder. His skin was bright red. His expression had only changed from rage, to greater rage. We all noticed when he attacked another man because now everyone was watching.

Today I noticed a tattered American flag backlit by the sunrise. I noticed the deadbolt on our front door sticking and immediately tried to assign a metaphysical meaning to it. I noticed a homeless-looking elderly man standing in line behind me at Macy’s holding a package of pastel-colored women’s underwear. I noticed I moved away from him as I left the store, even though I didn’t think of doing so. Driving through downtown San Diego I noticed two mannequin heads without wigs staring out an apartment window. Their necks were very long and there were no curtains. I noticed how much I still miss my former co-workers when one of them left a message on my home answering machine saying FedEx wanted my forwarding address because Whirlpool was trying to deliver an item to me.

Today I noticed a man without a shirt knocking down a concrete wall with a sledgehammer. The dust from the impacts was as white as his skin. Today I noticed a bright yellow butterfly in a hedge of purple flowers. Today I noticed a new green vine nestled between brown, dying leaves. Today I noticed I am nearly constantly jealous of beautiful women, but rarely of confident ones.