Today I noticed: A small red-faced boy pushing his bike up a large hill in the rain. He was so focused on the task it was as if this was either the most or least important event in his life.

Today I noticed how different I am from my friend, who rescued a large, slobbering dog who had escaped from her yard and was nearly hit by a car. I did not want the animal to be harmed, but I did not understand her need to save it.

Today I noticed the tears in my friend’s eyes when he told me this story: He and his elderly wife had been caring for their great grandchild since his birth three years ago. The boy’s mother, their granddaughter, was a drug addict who could not stay clean. Although they tried caring for him, they suffered from many health complications and at 70 and 73, were ill-equipped to care for a growing toddler.
Finally, after the girl’s last attempt and failure, to pull her life together, they granted the courts permission to adopt him out. They were greatly saddened and were not looking forward to the process. As they returned home from the lawyer’s office their neighbor offered to take the boy to the park.
While the neighbor played with the boy in the park she ran into a married couple she had not seen for many years. They introduced their 6-year old son to her and the two boys ran off to play together. While they were catching up the friend related the story of the boy’s troubles. The woman began to cry and told of her recent miscarriage, and how she and her husband had just been discussing looking into adoption.
In short, my friend’s problems were over. Their grandson has now been adopted by their friend’s family. They still get to see him and spend a few days a week with him. The only sad part of this story is their granddaughter, who they have not heard from for several months.
My friend says he talked to many people, mothers, women, fathers, grandparents, recovering drug addicts, anyone who would listen about whether he was making the right decision. Now, he says, he knows it could not have worked out any better.