Today I noticed the compulsion to draw conclusions when making observations. I’m hoping that can be put aside, giving me the freedom to blog only observations more often, since that was my original intent.

Having said that, as I waited at an intersection next to a Jack-in-the-Box the other night I made the following observation: The restaurant was mostly empty except for the employees and one heavy-set man sitting at an empty table near the window. His hands were wrapped around a large soda cup but he did not drink from it. He wore a faded yellow polo shirt with black pants. Behind him, through the glass windows of the restaurant shone the bright neon lights of a strip club. His dark, curly hair framed his pale face and heavy black glasses. Every few seconds he glanced sideways toward the menu board, the way a person might when they are expecting someone. His feet and hands were completely still. He did not squirm, or bow his head, or look anywhere else except at the menu.