Today I noticed a man with darkish, leathery skin and plenty of thick, slicked-back hair pushing a bright pink stroller. He wore what looked to be a very heavy backpack. The doll-sized stroller carried a baby with dark hair wrapped in white.
The man looked tired. His clothes were rumpled and his face unshaven, but he moved efficiently.
The light turned and he began pushing the stroller across the street. About halfway he suddenly turned toward the curb and shouted something I couldn’t hear. He then took two steps toward the curb, his hands adjusting the heavy backpack. For a moment it looked as if he was abandoning the baby in the street.
Suddenly a boy, about four, came rushing after them, his own black backpack slipping off his small shoulders.
The man, stroller and boy made it across just as the light changed. They did not speak as they continued walking.